Day 2

Day 2.

My 5am wakeup in search of racoons was not fruitful, so I went back to bed.

Today we explored the neighbourhood and saw a hockey match! Albeit an 11 year old boys hockey match, but still brutal enough for boy no.X from  The Tigers to \’spear\’ boy no.Y from The Mustangs with the butt of his stick! Terrifying, but amazing sport! Very proud of Sasha\’s (Bert\’s nephew) defensive skills and congratulations to his team for coming back from 2-0 to win 3-4!

On our way back to the house we saw an Esri building! Yes, I was the the only person in the car to be excited to see that, but it is the company that created ArcGIS, the digital mapping software I used to create the bear maps for my dissertation, so I couldn\’t help being excited!

We also had some time to look into different trails in Alaska and we are extremely excited with some of our finds! A long research, frequently interrupted by Jonah (Bert\’s other nephew) giving us a tour of his lego parking lot featuring a parking warden, a Star Wars armoured assault tank, a caravan pulled by a tiny yellow car and a miscellaneous brown sled/plane thing… And let\’s not forget the red-hatted man who decided that this would be the perfect spot to offer a bone to his husky.\"13389343_10209741396402628_1503784929_o\" There was also Jonah\’s interpretation of being blind and using a lightsaber as a white cane. If that ever became a thing, the number of blind people involved in criminal damage lawsuits would increase dramatically.




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